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Good Piece January 23, 2007

Posted by visualreality in Flat World.
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The world is changing every second of the time. Talk about a 21st century mindset is so obsolete now. In fact, our minds should be wandering far ahead.

Unfortunately, people of my country are not noticing this. They keep on squabbling over issues like corruptions, religion and race to the point of going to court and protesting on the streets.

The world is accelerating now. The past world wars has stopped the engine for some time. Few decades after that has seen it starting the engine and beginning to move. Now, it is gaining momentum and entering the high speed era. Malaysia is going to sit and watch all these unfolds without participating because we are blinded by so many petty issues at home.

China is waking up, they say. But they are not great yet as there are still petty issues they must overcome. With great minds like this one, I am sure China will run along, if not leading.