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Life = Politics and Fakes? February 14, 2007

Posted by visualreality in Personal Life.

Is this the real world?

As we grow older, the more unsure you become of the things you see.

Life is probably like that. Information is King? REAL information, IS KING.

Else, you wander aimlessly in the realm of the naivety.

That’s life.. take it.



1. Stefan.Hedbom - October 7, 2007

Hello there.

I am informing about this fact to as many I feel I correct can inform about this fact about the reality, & my web site is also always informing fact about my own good life.

My name is: Stefan.Lennart. Hedbom

& My nickname is: Dennis, so that is why I have my web-site at: http://www.dennisinthereality.nu/

& My e-mail is: info@dennisinthereality.nu

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